10 Air Fryer Recipes You Can Make This Week

(Zoe Lucia my sweetest girl is turning into my photographer and then there is my assistant who just wanted a snack, hahahaha!)

OMG how have I waited this long to have one of these air fryers!? My husband got me my replacement lid for my Instant Pot and it is an air fryer AND dehydrator! This is the lid (if you already have an instant pot this is compatible!), and this is the Instant Pot/Air Fryer all in one (if you don't have one you are missing out!)

I love that it is the crunch of frying without the mess and the oil! I have not tried the dehydrator but plan to this week, you can also broil or bake in it which I want to try this week as well. But mainly I am here to tell you that you can legit make any fried food take so delicious and a little healthier. I am going to share a couple of my own recipes that I have made a few times soon but here are a few we have tried or want to try.

Here are a few things you MUST try in your air fryer.

1. These scallion pancakes but we fried them in the air fryer! (small batches and for 3 -4 minutes each batch!)

2. Tortilla Chips!

3. Drumsticks, they had some one sale (and the organic ones are usually pretty inexpensive!) I have a favorite BBQ rub that O makes and going to use this recipe!

4. Air Fryer Two Ingredient Bagels

5. Air Fryer Glazed Donuts, we miss getting our favorite donuts so we may need to try these!

6. These soft pretzels, are on our list!

7. We have a few bruised apples from the big bags from Costco so I made these and they were so good.

8. My first recipe was of course potato wedges because why not!

9. Fried Zucchini Chips for lunch and they were soooo good!!!

10. Zoe shares my love for onion rings so we will be making these this week!

Do you have an air fryer?? And if not have I convinced you you need one too!!? We actually brought it with us while we rent for the next few months because it is incredibly easy to whip up yummy things!