10 Habits I am Getting Back To This Month

(most amazing robe, so cozy soft and warm, and it only gets softer after washing it!)

Simple as the post title, I am taking this year to getting back to what I know works for being the best version of myself. I owe it to myself (and you do too!) after this incredibly hard year to fill my cup, to keep my goals in eyesight and manifest/work on the life I want to have. So here goes 10 things that you can tweak and start this month! Let's go, let's do it together.

  1. Getting back to my 5am wake up. We have been on a tough wave of more wakeup than usual in our house, storms, night terrors, bad dreams, maybe even growth spurts or developmental leaps that have had me waking up to one or the other kiddo. I know this all passes but I have been listening to my body and staying in bed a lot later but when I am before the kiddos, meditate, maybe workout and get ready before them it really allows me to be the best version of myself and not feel like I am behind all day.

  2. Lemon Water to start my day. On an empty stomach, to help with getting my system going and help with digestion, but there are other great benefits.

  3. Drinking half my body weight in ounces of water every day. I have been slacking on this!!! This not only helps with the waist size but it also gives me more energy and helps my skin a ton. I have always been a big advocate of water, especially for those of you expecting or nursing but this goes for anyone, hydration is KEY.

  4. Infrared Sauna Blanket - every single day for a minimum 30 minutes. I got the Higher Dose sauna blanket from hubby for Christmas and this has helped me so much, I swear it helps level out my anxiety, helps with aches of early Rheumatoid Arthritis that I know I have, and whenever I am feeling run down I pop in there and then take a cold shower, GAME CHANGER. I will share a complete review later this month, I just want to use it a couple more weeks.

  5. Drink my greens. I fell off the green juice wagon but recently jumped back on, now I am getting comfy with it... lol I love breaking my fast with a green juice and replacing either lunch or dinner with a green smoothie (will share my favorite soon). It just allows me to fit in green, digest food better and also helps with weight loss.

  6. Counting my steps. I have an apple watch that I often forget to charge and then forget to put back on but I am going to get back to it because I love counting the steps! We take multiple walks and I am constantly moving up and down the stairs in the house but watching the number hold me accountable on days that I could move a bit more. I recommend counting your steps and getting at least 10k a day, doing some type of movement every day has really helped with my anxiety and dropping that pandemic 15.

  7. Getting ready. I want to find the time to do my hair, quickly paint my nails, moisturize my skin and put on a little makeup. Not because I am seeing someone but because I want to do the things that make me happy, that make me feel like "Nati" and so when I glance in the mirror I see me, not a little dark shadow of myself. (I am not saying this has to be your thing but that you do the things you did prior to the pandemic for your appearance, a little plucking of the brow and painting of the nails goes a LONG way). And not apologizing or feeling guilty about wanting to look good!

  8. Be more consistent on my growth here on my blog or other places. I have really been working on manifesting what my life will look like this year, and a lot is finding more time to write, I don't know if it's writing for a magazine (my dream!!!) or a book, but it will most definitely be here, so be prepared for more honest raw, pieces that we can all connect with.

  9. Meal Plan. I talked about this in my post from the weekend and well this is exactly what I am planning to get back to. Just planning out the meals for the week, prepping as much as I can and taking away one thing off of my to do list that I can control.

  10. And finally doing something for myself every day, like a hot epsom salt bath, a yummy afternoon latte while the girls play, a glass of wine and a show, indulge in reading something that is simply for me, even just a really delicious piece of chocolate, that I don't have to share... Whatever it may be it will be something for JUST ME, not my family or my blog or my inbox but ME.

I hope that this inspires you to change/add a couple things in your life that you know can help you create that life you are hoping for, because remember YOU DESERVE IT. Don't doubt it, don't let the noise cloud your judgement, and come along for this ride on making this the best year yet.