13 Valentine's Day Crafts

You guys voted 50/50 on sharing a roundup of crafts and valentines day cards on my instagram so I will be sharing this round-up of Valentine's Day crafts and then next week I'll share some card ideas! We have bought these little kits from Target often, I also love these too, I keep a container for each holiday and let the girls pull them out during free time (AKA non screen time). Zoe gets very into all of her designs and Ami just loves gluing (glue sticks are easier for littles), cutting and peeling tape off the little sticker hearts and will do it for an hour! So your crafting doesn't have to be insanely planned, they will enjoy it no matter what!

1. This blog is one of my favorite for all types of ideas but especially crafts!

2. These lacing hearts are so fun, I let the girls use the whole puncher last week and they are obsessed, so these were easy for them to make themselves and then we used red yarn!

3.We made some similar wreaths to these but with leaves for Fall and then gifted to our neighbor! you can use scrap paper or even newspaper and just paint red pink and purple to be more festive. It's also a great way to use up some art work and make into gifts for loved ones.

4. We made these heart crafts but with paper plates last year!

5.These little doggies are adorable.

6.This flap book is just adorable, perfect for kiddos about 6+ (you have to pay to download).

7.I am a fan of ANY craft with a handprint!

8. These lollipops are more of a treat than a craft but OMG what a neat idea, so easy too. I may make these with the elderberry gummies!

9. I just pinned these V-Day Science Experiments for the girls and I to do.

10. These little frames would make greta gifts to mail out to family!

11. Toilet paper roll crafts are the girls favorites, they are FOREVER saving all the rolls.

12. These mosaic hearts would be awesome, not only do my girls love any cutting activity but gluing is on top!

13. Pink Glitter Slime Experiment , my girls would love this.

And don't forget to follow me on Pinterest, I have this TotSchool Board with ideas for our week on Valentine's Day, and this other one for V-Day in general. You will find all sorts of inspo! Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday.