14 Ways To Make Bath Time Even More Fun

During these unsettling nerve-wracking days of quarantine during Coronavirus I plan on sharing as much as possible on how we are keeping the girls busy and engages, keeping us sane and beyond. During the winter months we spend a lot of time in "quarantine" when our littlest is sick (most of you know she has an autoimmune disease which makes winter/flu season very hard and isolating) so we have a few tricks up our sleeves. Like bath time!

Put them in water. When all else fails this is exactly what I do. I fill up a bath with our favorite bubbles and either put them in separately or together. I rotate toys and don't give any instructions, just give them a couple options and let them just entertain themselves. I sometimes wish we had a bigger tub but do really love the small apartment (and the ages they are at) where I can put them in either the bath or shower for water play. Here are some things that I can guarantee at any age would be fun!

1. Blocks! We currently have these in the bath!

2. Bath Bombs, we love making our own but these are also fun with a surprise in the,

3. Take a popsicle or frozen yogurt tube into the bath! The girls often take their dessert into the tub.

4. Bath Paint, or Bath Crayons

5. Bath Color Droplets

6. Swim Doll (girls got these last year and they are still a favorite) or barbies!

7. Funnels, Small Cups and Strainer

8. Shaving Cream (we have this little kit and the girls LOVE IT!)

9. Water light cubes!

10. Suction Toys (these are great for all ages and awesome on a plane or car)

11. I love this boat for younger kids, but Zoe also still loves hers.

12. Glow Sticks are my secret weapon!! I keep some in the medicine cabinet and instantly make any bath special.

13. These sensory tubes are awesome in the tub and out of the tub. The girls have loved these with kinetic sand, in the bath or on there own for years.

14. Even a salad spinner is a lot of fun in the tub so definitely get creative!

Don't forget the shower caps, they instantly think they are grown up with these on.