15 Meals Meals to Make In The Heat

Hey hey,

Happy Wednesday!! We are at my mom's and soaking up all the outdoor summer fun we can. It has been hot as heck but I keep telling Zoe to remember walking in the freezing cold to school and HATING it and for now that does that nips the complaining about the heat in the butt! It's a good reminder right?

I will say that with the summer heat comes my desire to not cook and just order takeout. Anyone else? I mean the idea of turning on the oven or standing at the stove makes me immediately break out into a sweat. Sometimes I just do it out of necessity but man it is not my favorite. But not only does ordering out really add up but it also does NADA for my bod. So I put my planning hat on and created a little round-up of summer meals (here are others you may like Shredded Chicken Meals, Meals You Can Freeze, Sheet Pan Dinners , Winter )

Here they are 15 SUMMER MEALS that have minimal to zero cooking involved.

1. Burrito Bowls, I store a big batch for dinner and then use these containers and make them as a part of your meal prep.

2. No Cook zucchini noodles with pesto (I'd make this with fresh mozz and tomatoes!)

3. Tuna "sushi" stacks, I'd make these with tuna, salmon or just avocado and veggies.

4. Mediterranean Chopped Salads with Pita bread! I am planning on adding rotisserie chicken to this!

5. Shrimp & Avocado Salad, add any and all veggies (my fav would be kale, spinach, broccoli or brussels sprouts, heck all four)

6. This Kale & Brussels Sprouts salad I make for the girls, just add canned wild salmon, tuna, chick peas or rotisserie chicken to make it extra filling.

7. These Poke Bowls are on my list for me and my mom (may have to quickly sear the salmon for her tho!)

8. We love a snack platter for lunches, or playdates but who says you can create one for dinner! Kid friendly cheese platter. ( love this stone fruit one, and this one is a brunch one but me and the girls would dig this!)

9. Avocado Caprese Salad is just my idea of summer on a plate, i'd probably add some pasta for the girls (which I always make in my meal prepping).

10. These veggie spring rolls are great to make with your kiddos, we make a version of these (no peanut sauce) and serve with edamame and white rice.

11. I am soooo making this Fresh Corn and Zucchini Chowder!

12. Edamame Salad looks like the perfect meal and then the left overs can be a great side!

13. Ummm this fresh tomato summer spaghetti is going on the menu, so amazing for when tomatoes are in season and taste like candy.

14. Tortellini Salad with Zucchini & Peas ( can you tell we love pasta, we rotate the kinds of pastas and often do gluten free options like this or this one).

15. Crock Pot Taco Salad looks amazing.

I will say that I loved this summer Instant Pot meal round-up because they generally don't heat up the place and are fast as heck.

And I hope that this helps you with making more time for summer fun and less time in the kitchen. I have a Meal Prep post in my drafts that I am working on that I have been wanting to share with you guys, hopefully get it up this month.