20 Vegetarian Dinners For Lent

Ok so I have had like 20 people ask me for ideas for vegetarian family dinners for lent, I actually haven't really practiced giving something up for a bit but I love the idea of it. Do you guys give up meat for lent? Or just on Fridays? Either way here are some delicious filling family friendly vegetarian dinners!

1. 5 Ingredient Stuffed shells!

2. Easy Veggie Enchiladas I switch up the veggies here overtime.

3. Tortellini Soup

4. Black Bean Tacos with Red Chile Sauce ( a regular fav, I sometimes Add sweet potatoes!)

5. Mung Bean patties (Serve this as your protein with whatever sides you want!)

6. Chickpea veggie loaded tikka masala (make this with white rice and chop a ton of cilantro into it!)

7. Mexican Stuffed Peppers

8. Chickpea Spinach Curry (blend up the spinach and any other veggies to hide from picky eaters.

9.Dudhi Kofta Curry (Indian Squash Dumplings) goodness, these are so good, I serve with naan and the girls make sandwiches!)

10. GREEN Mung Bean DAL with white Rice (sooooo good!!)

11. Cheesy Cauliflower Bake

12. Fasolatha : Greek White Bean & Tomato Soup

13. Roasted Brocoli and White Beans

14. White Bean & Barley Salad

15.Roast cauliflower, fennel and white bean salad with roast tomato salsa.


17. Vegetarian Shepard's Pie,

18. Vegetable Lo Mein

19. Parmesan Spinach Mac & Cheese

20. Crispy Honey Chili Potato

I could keep going and going with these and really hope this helps you with meal planning!



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