{Mamas that Rock - Morgan Hutchinson Founder of Buru}

I really can't believe that it is not only Friday but August 1st! This summer has been one of the absolute bests and it is flying by. Trying to soak up every moment of our last full day at the Cape but so excited to share a new series on CBM, 'Mamas that Rock'!

A regular series that will give you the low down on some pretty amazing women that are doing it all on top of being mamas. They inspire me and I hope that by sharing their stories, they inspire you to follow that dream and have it all.

Pregnancy, although tough on my body, was the most incredible time of my life. I felt like a super woman! I was nurturing and growing life in me--such a natural process, yet still completely mind- blowing at the same time. But I'll be honest, those first 3 months with this tiny human at home, finding our breastfeeding rhythm, adjusting to functioning on extreme levels of sleep deprivation and wanting so badly to find that glow that was radiating from my reflection during my pregnancy. I felt beyond blessed and ecstatic that my daughter's birth was the best case scenario that the doctor had given us after a very scary end to the pregnancy, but every picture that was taken of me was quickly deleted. In searching for clothes and products curated specifically for nursing mamas like me, I found a great resource and an incredible individual.

In comes my first 'Mama that Rocks,' Morgan Hutchinson - the mama that started BURU, a shop whose main mission was simply to help every mother, in the breast-feeding phase and beyond, look and feel her best. And this new mama, truly needed this. I needed hope that I still could be a little of the old me or even better.

This mama is beyond stylish, a business owner, a world traveler and mama to Miss Olive, a 20 month-old who is regularly dressed better than I am and one of the sweetest ladies I've met {via Instagram}. Yes you heard that right, I met Morgan via IG as I searched for fashionable pieces that I was actually able to nurse in. What I encountered was the kindest, eager-to-help shop owner that went out of her way to help me find my first few pieces post pregnancy.

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I got to chat and dig a little deeper on all the things that make this blond bombshell tick and how she does it all.

{Me} How was Shop BURU born?

{MH} About a week after Olive was born, the two of us were really getting the hang of “nursing”. {It’s definitely a team effort. Mama and baby must both be willing to play…) Our only problem was that my wardrobe (made almost exclusively of dresses) was not nursing friendly at all. My lack of “easy access” fashion coupled with the time drain of finding said fashion birthed the idea of BURU.

{Me} Why the name Buru?

{MH} BURU - means "to breastfeed" in Mandarin. After living in China and studying the language for almost 4 years...I wanted to incorporate a little bit of our time there into this new business. Afterall, it's where Olive was made :)

{Me}Your husband Brett seems very much a part of what you do, when did you guys get married?

{MH} Hmm…we had a lot of weddings. J We were legally married in China in March of 2011 – we understood not a single word of the process (even though I can speak Chinese). Then, we threw a carnival (ferris wheel, fire-throwers and all) for our friends and family in the USA. That was followed by a traditional Chinese wedding celebration back in Beijing, with a grand finale vow-exchange in South Africa…just the two of us. It was quite ridiculous and so much fun at the same time.

***sooo awesome!!!

{Me} Favorite past time alone? With the family?

{MH} Alone time? What does that mean? Ha Ha. My favorite time is spent with my family. If that can involve a nice glass of wine and a cheese plate then I am one super happy girl.

{Me} Tell me about your experience on being a mama? Everything you imagined?

{MH} More than I imagined. It’s hard to put into words the love that seems to come from nowhere the moment you become a mother. And just when you think you have maxed out and that your heart will explode if you love one ounce more – your 20-month old stops dead in her tracks walking past a flower bed and out of nowhere says, “mulch”. Clear as day – mulch. What a strange little brain. How can you not fall in love with that?

{Me} We all have gotten the solicited and unsolicited rotten mama advice, what was the worst you were ever given?

{MH} To be quite honest – I don’t think I got any bad advice. If I did…I must have let it roll right through to the other ear…

** best response ever!!

{Me} Any advice you wish someone had given you (about mamahood)?

{MH} Relax and enjoy. It’s not a contest. And when all else fails – love.

{Me} Olive is a beauty and usually better dressed than me, (funny but true!!!) what would you call your style inspiration for her? Favorite shops or brands for your mini-me?

{MH} Thank you so much for saying that! I love classic, timeless style for a baby. In fact, I often dress her in vintage dresses that I wore as a little girl. I am a big fan of Feltman Brothers and Florence Eiseman. Their styles have changed very little through the years.

{Me} Do you and the hubby have a favorite date night?

{MH} Yes we do! When we are home in KY – that consists of curling up on the couch with good wine and bad tv. When in NYC – it's the Carlyle or bust. It’s where we met, where we got engaged, and where we now sip a little bubbly, eat lobster mac & cheese, and try to not talk about BURU ;)

{Me} You are my style inspiration and always look so put together, even with a little at home; spill the beans, how do you do it? What advice can you give new mama's on style?

{MH} Oh my goodness! You are so kind! As ridiculous as it may sound, a cute outfit can really add a little boost to my day. I think the best piece of advice I could give to a mama is even if you don’t have time to shower or wash your hair, that doesn’t mean you have to throw on old sweats and a t-shirt. It may not be ideal (to have dirty hair and yesterday’s mascara) but it’s amazing how a great outfit can camouflage greasy roots and clogged pores. Also…stock up at least 5 pieces that flatter your figure and that you can easily mix & match. It also helps if at least a few of those pieces are washable!

{Me} Where do you find style inspiration for yourself/the shop?

{MH} I hate to be vague – but the answer is everywhere – from vintage stores to the pages of vogue to art museums. It’s amazing how even an old black and white photograph can inspire the most colorful of outfits.

{Me} Your home looks stunning (from what I have seen in pictures) where do you get your inspiration?

{MH} Again, thank you my friend. I am a big fan of color and I love an eclectic mix. I am often drawn to the Hollywood regency style, but I like to add big pops of color and quirky accessories to mix it up. One of my favorite pieces of art in our house is a large, hot pink lucite sign we had made while living in Beijing. It reads, “ni hao” in which means HELLO in Mandarin.

{Me}Three "Must Buy" items for the fall?

{MH} 1. Statement Coat – we have quite a few coming in. My favorite (available on BURU soon) is a hot pink pod style coat by American Retro

2. A killer jumpsuit that can easily transition from the office to night on the town. The By Malene Birger drape front jumpsuit is very versatile.

3. A midi length skirt. I am just loving this length. Chic, yes – but you can also bend over to pick up your little one without flashing the crowd. We have a great selection now, with several fun ones coming in.

{Me} What's next for you and the shop? Anything new coming up?

{MH} We have a lot of fun things coming up! Specifically – we have a new, traveling showroom that will start taking appointments and calling on our customers in a certain radius in the next few weeks. Our website is also getting a little facelift to make the BURU shopping experience even easier and more fun.

And of course, NYFW is just around the corner. I can’t believe it’s already time to think about Spring 15!

{Me} Lastly, advice you'd like to give a mama who wants to start her own business?

{MH} Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Everything takes time (usually more time than you think) which can be in short supply as a mama. The goal is to move forward in some way – every day. Sometimes that means 3 steps forward and 2 steps back…but that is okay.


Absolutely one of my favorite posts so far and hope that this lady inspires you as much as she does me. I could have seriously asked Morgan a ton more of questions and I definitely will since enjoying a glass of bubbly with her is on my to do's for this next year! Make sure and check out her shop and let me know your favorite piece!