{Mamas That Rock - Rachel Katz-Galatt from Healthy Mama}

Zoe and I had a rough week, not only was she sick but the little peanut had an allergic reaction to peaches too. Watching your little one be in pain (and actually just plain miserable) is the worse. TGIF.

For me a tough week means I need a cocktail and I something to brighten my day. Since cocktails are hours away I thought I'd first share the story of the gorgeous lady behind Healthy Mama. Our 2nd 'Mama that Rocks', a regular series that will give you the low down on some pretty amazing women that are doing it all on top of being mamas. They inspire me and I hope that by sharing their stories, they inspire you to follow that dream and have it all.

I am not generally someone that does not take over the counter drugs and even less while I was expecting. But... we all know how uncomfortable, painful and well, backed up pregnancy can be... And if we are being honest, let's admit that not every ailment has a holistic remedy (and even the holistic ones are controversial while you are expecting!) So when I came across Healthy Mama line at Babies R Us I nearly cried out loud. Something safe that I could take for all of the "issues" that pregnancy and nursing bring!

Maybe it was the hormones but I was so excited that I told every expecting and nursing mom I knew; actually I still tell everyone that will listen, about it!

Having had a preemie myself, I instantly connected with Rachel {her oldest daughter was born 18 weeks early} and her mission to eliminate preterm labor. I knew I had to learn more, so after some light internet stalking I emailed her and she eagerly responded! Here is what I learned about this gorgeous entrepeneur-mama.

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Here's Rachel's story and of-course a little mama to mama advice!


{Me} How was Healthy Mama born?

{RKG} Healthy mama was born from my real life experience while I was pregnant with my first daughter. I had one of the many ailments and tried to get a hold of my OB/GYN to no avail. I went on line to see if I could find what remedy would alleviate my ailment and was frustrated and overwhelmed with all the conflicting information. I decided to go to speak with my pharmacist- but even she wasn’t able to provide proper guidance. I walked up and down the pharmacy aisle trying to determine what product would be safe for me to take- my husband looked at me and said “I can’t believe there’s not a brand of product for pregnant and nursing women so you know what would be safest to take!”. That was my aha moment!

{Me} Who came up with the name?

{RKG}Healthy mama was actually selected from consumer research I ran prior to launching- if it weren’t for them, the brand would have been called happy mama! I’m glad I listened to the women!

{Me} Where can we find you online?

{RKG} We have a website where you can learn about the various ailments, how to avoid them, remedy them naturally and then what the safest product to take is. And on Facebook!

{Me} I know you must have a full plate but what do you like to do in your free time?

{RKG}When I do have free time, I love to cook! I used to cook all the time, but I am so tired by the time I get home that it’s not so much fun anymore. Hopefully will pick it back up again soon!

{Me} Tell me about your experience on being a mama? Everything you imagined?

{RKG} I love being a mama. I have two daughters, 3 and 2 and they are my life. I had children a bit later in life so I was definitely spoiled at having so much time on my hands- now I focus on them instead of me and I love it! They have a better shoe collection than I and it makes me very happy. Every day, I am amazed by what they have learned and how they communicate. It’s more than I imagined!

{Me} Best & worse advice you got as a new mama?

{RKG} Best advice: communicate with your partner or spouse to ensure you are aligned on how you will raise your children regarding discipline, food, etc. I am lucky that we agree and I ensure I don’t undermine him and vice versa. Worst advice: you’re giving too much love! I don’t think you can ever give too much love.

{Me} What do you wish someone had told you about being a mom?

{RKG}That for a few years you won’t have much of a social life! Okay, not a big deal, but I had no idea it was challenging to even make a phone call while they are awake!

{Me} Your girls are adorable!! What are your favorite place to shop for them?

{RKG} I love gap kids. They have some stylish clothes and when they have sales, it’s pretty incredible the amount of clothes you can buy.

{Me} How would you describe your style?

{RKG} Effortless. I don’t try to be something- I just put things together that I think will go.

{Me} Go-to outfit for an important meeting?

{RKG}My blue Diane Von Furstenberg dress. It is a beautiful cobalt blue, professional but not stale. Very flattering and makes me feel empowered.

{Me} Favorite date night?

{RKG}Any night that I have a date night.. so far and few between these days! I love going to the Yankees with my husband- he is such a big fan and it’s amazing to see how he lights up when he’s watching the game and talking about his favorite players.

{Me} Advice for the mama that has an idea and wants to go for it?

{RKG} Do research first. Know the business you’re trying to get into inside and out. I put together a very detailed business plan that was like my road map to success. Make sure you’re armed with the right tools to get you where you want to go.

{Me} Tell me the big secret, how do you balance it all?

{RKG}I am very blessed to have a very supportive husband and family. I also work extremely hard during the day to get everything possible complete so I can get home to spend time with my girls. Prioritizing is key- you can’t do everything and knowing and accepting that is essential.


What I love most about this series is that with each woman I interview I am reminded that this chapter , called motherhood, can really be a push to making your dreams come true, especially with these tiny humans that we want to make proud.

Stay tuned for a giveaway of my favorite Healthy Mama products because I know you'll love them as much as I do!