{What I Wore Wednesday - Last Week}

This is my safe place, so I'll be honest; everytime I take outfit pics I don't end up using them. They just aren't fashion blogger outfits. There I said it.

One - I am still losing baby weight and things don't fit great and I don't feel like investing on pieces that won't fit when I lose the rest! It's a real struggle people, between not being cleared to run to too much dieting affecting my milk supply (more on that another time) it is happening slowly but losing baby weight has been HARD for me!

Two - I work from home while caring for our daughter, with no help (any recommendations on a sitter/nanny in the Boston area will be greatly appreciated) so my time is limited. Don't get me wrong I love putting my outfits together and have been better about planning but I have to be realistic.

These sound like execuses but just trying to be real here.

I need efficient cute outfits that get me through the week feeling, well…. unslobbish. Not a word, I know.

So instead of forcing the time I don't have on creating outfits or wearing something impractical I am changing it up on here and starting a new weekly post, {What I Wore Wednesdays}. Sometimes it's be WIW last week, or for date night and hopefully a girls night one soon... Hint hint...

I'll spare you the yoga pants in-between and it'll force me to make more of an effort. Win, win.


Shirt ( Cynthia Rowley) via TJMaxx); Boyfriend Shorts (Target); Flats (Old Zara); Sunglasses (Karent Walker)


Shirt (JCrew); Pants (Ann Taylor); Flats (Fergalicious);


;Dress (ShopBop - Sold Out but loving this and this one) Booties (old Vince Camuto but these are fab) Necklace (Brooklyn Flea a few years back) Shades (Karen Walker);

So ...we'll try it this way for a while and if I wear anything special we can change it up. ok?

Oh and I need to quit it with the head tilt... switch up the bags (this Foley + Corinna was a TJX score!! But love this one) and perhaps iron my pants.... but seriously, last week was the pitts, so I am glad I atleast got dressed.