{What I Wore Wednesday : Quíta Feo}

The cooler temps have me thinking I better post all my summery outfits now! so here is one from a couple of weeks ago, wore it for errands and a sushi lunch with Z.

We all have the one maxi you continue to pull out, for dinner, for shopping, brunch and any other time we want to feel great.

My mom would call it a "quíta feo". Which literally translate from spanish to, takes away the ugly. It's the maxi in your closet that will just make you feel put together. For the last few years it has been this dress.


Actually, I won't even admit how long I've had this dress..

And since it may be the year to retire the dress (the color has faded) I'm actually thinking of bringing it to a seamstress so I can have 10 more made just like it... JK. But actually kinda not kidding.

So if you know a really great one in the Boston area, please let me know...

Jacket {old Gap but loving this one}; Bag {Vintage Gucci via Invaluable}; Slide {JCrew)

Other maxi's I am loving: I am loving this that is out of my budget, this black one is perfect for a date night, this and this I am ordering today!

What maxi have you kept pulling out your closet this year?