{Baby Shower Gift Round-Up}

Last week an old friend (that is not a mama yet) emailed and asked me what my top gifts to a new mom would be?

Easy peasy. I simply shared the things I could not live without, small and big.


1. A sling/ baby carrier: I am LOVING SakuraBloom, a must have for any new mama that needs to free up her hands.

2. Organic onesies and pj's - you don't need much more than footed pj's with the fold over mittens.

3. Aquaphor is the magic cream. scratches, bum protector, rashes, and chapped skin - it cures it all!

3. Swaddles - they are blankets, nursing covers, bibs and spit catchers. Plus they are so cute!

4. Boon Drying Rack - between breast pump pieces, bottles, pacifiers and toys you will always be washing/drying.

5.This pack n play is the only one I will ever recommend. If you are doubting me try and open another brand and then this 4 Moms one and you'll know why.

6. Honest diapers and baby wash - perfect for sensitive baby skin and the only ones I'll ever use. And the prints are adorbs!!

7. A comfy and washable robe for mama! So many days when you may not have the energy to get out of your pj's (or like I use to, shower and get in other pj's) so a nice robe to lounge in and feel pretty in is necessary!

So of-course I had to share my top picks with you guys!

What is your go-to babyshower or new mama gift?

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