{Breaking up a Gray Day}

My mood instantly changes when the weather turns grey and cold. I have become a homebody and it temps me to stay in my pjs and papas wool socks but Miss Z needs constant entertainment. So instead of hiding out I have to kick the grey feeling, throw on a bright lip; even if it's just for a walk and grocery shopping!

Gap Turtleneck - Old Navy Pants - Vince Camuto Bootie - Scarf via TJMaxx and loving this one - Vintage Gucci Bag via Invaluable (PS did you hear about their partnership with Ebay?! pretty big!)

Can we talk about this scarf though?? A recent TJMaxx purchase. It is good my friends, so good. It instantly takes an all black look to another level.

Anyone else's mood change with the weather or am I just a wierdo?!



PS I've extended our JoyBound Apparel Giveaway and will be selecting a winner this weekend, so do yourself a favor and enter!


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