{Life Lately}

New mama confession: I still sit in the back seat of the car with Zoe when the mister drives.... Don't laugh but it is very true. At first it was simply what you did with an itty bitty tiny preemie with breathing issues sitting in a way to big car seat.

Then, it was to make sure she didn't scream the entire time because she was going through her I hate the car seat phase.

And now it's just a habit. And I love to see her cute face and when she "talks" to me.... I know I know I'll eventually stop making pretend I am being chaufered and sit with my honey. I know some of you are cringing on the otherside of this screen but one thing I've learned is during these last 11 months is, WHATEVS to what other folks are doing and do you. I promise I won't do it until she is off to college. Promise...

Oh since I took a blogging hiatus this week I thought I'd share some pics to make you smile.

Here is our life lately via el iPhone.


Zoe and her BFF Stella at Kindermuik, goodness she loves this class. And Stella makes me wantt o have another babe, really, that smile!!!


One, Z looks terified at the face I am making. Two, my thigh looks huge.


A babe in leaves, because I am sure you haven't seen enough of them.... But really, this girl's face is priceless.


Red peppers for pre-dinner snack. I hope her love for veggies sticks around.


Lot's and lots of park dates bwcause soon the cold will keep us inside.


I've making one big pot of soup a week, it is the absolute best Fall dish and the leftovers are a life saver, This one is a sage chicken, squash and white bean soup and it was so good I may need to remake and share!


Mama put on make-up, let's take a selfie. PS the greys??! Out OF CONTROL.


Representing dada's favorite team!


I may or may not have eaten this entire package in two sittings...I'll blame it on the cold I was fighting... So friggen good.


Another fall (crockpot) meal I make regularly is chili!! This squash, black bean, roasted corn and chicken one will be up on the blog soon.


This little chicklet is into everything.... Laughing after I found her with papas hard drive!


Coat season means pulling out the oldies but the goodies. This Zara one I bouht in Portugal 6 years ago and I am still so in love with it.




Halloween tutu's are all the rave!


I may have to share my Target purchases because this was a GOOD trip! Hat for under $20!


Almost walking and mama is a basket of nerves.

Off I go to continue my blogging break but I'll be back to it next week and lot's of great things in the works!



Happy Halloween lovelies!! Hope this weekend is a great one.



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