{What I Wore: Jeans and a Tee and a side of Thoughts}

I don't know about any other SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) or SAHWM (Stay at Home Working Mom) but I get so upset when anyone says I have it so easy to work from home and care for Zoe full-time.

Let's get it straight, blessed, beyond lucky; hells yes. Easy, not even a bit. I balance housework, clients and a crawling almost walking, tear into my plants, stair climber every day. My hands are always doing something and at the end of the day I am always wishing I had done more. Always.

So yes, I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have the support from my man to do what I feel is right and care for our daughter myself but easy is BS. Hey mamas, let's stop hating and support each other.

No matter how we decide to care for our little ones (day care, nanny, stay home, family caregivers) we do what is best for our families, we do what we can and it is ALL a lot of work. And these little humans are oh so worth it but easy they are not.

The end of my banter.

Now onto the outfit, skinny jeans and a tee has been my uniform this week, layering on a sweater or button up to keep warm. It is such a mom thing to say but easy is the only option on crazy weeks. The jacket is an oldie from when I worked for Converse and got the Hurley discount. (Miss those days!!) ​


Rich & Skinny Jeans; Gap Chambray (similar); Jcrew T-Shirt; Vince Camuto Booties (similar);

Hurley plaid coat (old but loving this Hurley one)

Fall is all about plaid for me so pulling it out of storage was exciting!

Loving this, this, and this one. And thinking Zoe needs this one! Have a great Wednesday!