{Mamas that Rocks: Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked & a Giveaway}

We are back!

Zoe is still waking at least once around 1am (teething is the enemy), the bags under my eyes require heavy makeup, we are in full on sell this house mode and I am tired. Exhausted actually, but can we talk about how we have an almost 1 year old?? Goodness, cue the waterworks, I am a hot mess 90% of the time, and the rest I am very excited about. If asked, I would call it a roller coaster ride of emotions, on steroids. HA!

This ‘Mama that Rocks’ has work ethic and drive that is utterly inspiring. Meet Susan Petersen founder of Freshly Picked and November’s ‘Mama that Rocks”, a regular series that will give you the low down on some pretty amazing women that are doing it all on top of being mothers. They inspire me and I hope that by sharing their stories, they inspire you to follow that dream and have it all.

You know that saying "necessity is the mother of invention"? Well that is exactly Susan’s story. She found herself looking for a good looking soft soled shoe for her little man Gus and took some yard-sale leather scraps to make (after a few failed attempts) a pair of cute moccasins that stayed on his feet.

What makes me adore Susan (other than her passion and creativity) is her hustle. She built this company with $200 that she made by recycling the aluminum from old window frames, that she convinced her brother to let her keep from his window installation company, at a scrap yard.

Susan Headshot.jpg

After buying a few too many pairs for miss Z and not only loving how cute they are but how they stay on her wiggly feet, I knew I had to reach out to Susan and learn more.

So here is our quick-fire interview:

(Me) Kids names and ages?

(SP) Hattie 8, Gus 5

(Me) Best part about being a mom?

(SP) Being surprised by how much I love my children.

(Me) Best advice you could give a new mom?

(SP) Enjoy your time and take a nap.

(Me) HUGE fans of your story in our house but for those that may not know it, how was Freshly Picked born?

(SP) I started making moccasins when I could not find any soft-soled leather shoes for my son when he was born. With a bag of scrap leather I was able to start making moccasins and selling them.

(Me) Two words. Shark Tank. Tell us the best part of the experience

(SP) The best part was meeting the sharks and closing a deal, but I was so nervous!

(Me) What made you take the leap and get on the show?

(SP) I wanted to take the next step for Freshly Picked and I knew Shark tank would be great for the company.

(Me) How has life changed after Shark Tank?

(SP) Freshly Picked has kept me even busier after Shark Tank, we continue to grow! I love that I able to provide for my family and my employees families.

(Me) Do you have any advice for a new or future mama-entrepreneur?

(SP) Figure out what you want to do, how it will benefit the audience you are trying to sell and work hard!

(Me) I stalk/follow on Instagram and saw that you guys are moving into new space, how does that feel?

(SP) It's very exciting! We are so cramped in our current office, and I am excited to be in a new fresh space!

(Me) Favorite family activity?

(SP)We love going on hikes and indoor rock climbing.

(Me) What is your favorite thing to do in scarce kid-less solo moments?

(SP) Watch a good TV show.

(Me) What is your go-to outfit/piece of clothing that makes you feel great?

(SP) A great genuine leather jacket!

(Me) What kiddie brand out there do you feel is killing it right now (other than FP of-course!)?

(SP) Little Hip Squeaks

Susan!!!! Thanks so much for your time, because we know saying you are busy is an understatement but man am I glad we got to know you a little better. I think the mister may just approve a few more colors to add to our collection!!

The red ones are our current favorites!!


But wait, lovelies, there is more!!!