{Spreading Holiday Cheer Means so Much More}


Old Vince Sweater Coat (Similar) - Dress (Similar) - Faux Leather Leggings - LV bag - Tory Burch Sunglasses - Express Leopard Belt - Jeffrey Campbel Boots again (need these in my life)

First let's talk about my obsession with this dress that I scored at my fav (and nursing friendly) online shop, BURU. It is beyond comfy, one of my fav colors and the zipper made nursing a teething/sick babe a breeze. Now I need it in 10 colors...

Now onto the mushy stuff. Last week I paid for the coffee for the person behind me in the Starbucks driveway and on Monday I lugged Z on a rainy day in and out of a car seat to grab coffee and donuts for the construction crew we passed by a few times a week.

Both are totally something I would have done in the past but as I sat and (lets be honest) instagrammed about it, I realized what it meant to be doing this with my munchkin in the back seat. It's so much more than spreading holiday cheer and a lot more about being a kind giving person ALL the time. Because I want that to be the norm for Zoe.

Not just a month out of the year but that she is empathetic, kind, giving all year round. And there is no better way to teach her than to continue being the person I want her to be. This whole parent thing is hard but so rewarding in so many ways. One of the ways is that we get to bring up little humans to be our future. Corny, yes but true.

What are the ways you are spreading holiday cheer?