{Holiday Traditions}


Boots (just ordered these in black for Z!); Via Spiga Coat; Vince Sweater; Rag & Bone jeans; Gap hat

I have always been a big fan of the holidays, but the last couple months have been so busy and I just hadn't taken a moment to soak in what joy Zoe's 2nd Christmas is going to bring us.

Last Christmas we had just brought home a preemie baby and although very excited we were also very scared. This Christmas we get to start building traditions with out little lady and start making memories.

Her face when we were picking out a tree at the farm was seriously priceless. She'd giggle loudly everytime O shook them out to inspect them. But the awe on her face when she was looking up at the tree from the ground is etched in my heart forever.

She may be too young to understand or even remember this Christmas but we'll be making sure that we take lots of pictures so we can look back and tell her all about these special moments.


^ how cute are these two?? Goodness I love them.

Oh and this girl is ALL about walking on her own now and although I am proud of her it also tugs at my heart a bit, I mean how is she such a big girl already??

What are your favorite traditions?



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