{Merry Christmas}

Our Christmas was full of so many special moments. Watching the joy on this little one's face was absolutely priceless. It's so hard to think that last Christmas we were just getting home from the NICU and when we hosted our families for dinner we were taking turns holding our peanut. Now fast forward to this year when we were taking turns running after the little busy-body… Ha!

Little lady Z loved opening gifts, had us all reading her new books, and soaked up having an audience with her jokester ways. It was so perfect that I went to bed pinching myself because I have dreamt of this life. I have dreamt of her, being her mama, dreamt of this little family of mine, dreamt of it and now I get to live it. As hard as this past year was I am truly getting to live my dream!

As for you, those of you that read, comment, have questions and suggestions, thank you!!! This blog has been part of the dream and I am so happy that I have this little piece of the Internet to share my story. So much in the plans for 2015 and I am excited to get things rolling!!!

I didn't get the chance to decorate the house this year and we kept our tree ornamentless but I did set the table and I love how it came out!

I’ll be sharing a New Years Eve and a New Years Day look on Monday before signing off for the week so stay tuned.

So tell me, how was your holiday?




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