{Motherhood Monday: Life Lately}

The last 7 days have been snowfilled, homebound and trying on this mama's patience. To be frank, this morning I was thinking how the heck I was going to make through another snowstorm. Another day stuck inside with a teething toddler. Because even with O at home to help it's still hard to keep her entertained!

But like grace from God I read an IG post this incredible mama posted (who sadly and tradgically lost her little one 9 months ago) and I was once again reminded to reset. ( check out her blog here, she is quite the inspiration and make sure you bring out the tissues).

No matter how stir-crazy we get there is no other place I'd want to be than with this little lady (and her dadda). So I've been squeezing Z a little tighter, carved out time for my daily workout and am ejoying an ice cold diet coke while I type this out because we tend to concentrate on the bad and overlook the good moments. I am hoping to do a little less overlooking in 2015 and a lot more of being present.

Here are some pics from right after last week's blizzard....









^^^^^^ i mean that face. seriously ^^^^^^^^^^

Hoping that sharing these thoughts puts life into perspective for you. At least for today.