{Monday Blues & a High-waisted Jean}

I have figured out why Mondays are so hard for me.... (And every other SAHM) After a weekend of having an extra pair of hands around, sometimes more with grandma's and tia's, we start off the week with just us two. Most days it's charming and we fill the days with our mini dates and classes but on Mondays... Mondays we both have our mini meltdowns and I've fugure out that it's not our fault!

And don't ask me why but it makes me feel less like a failure to come to this conclusion... And this Monday we just embraced the meltdowns and skipped our usual stay home with laundry and to do list and headed out to Starbucks (for mama) and one of the local indoor gyms. It was exactly what the nap skipper and I needed. She even took a super later long nap and stayed up past her bedtime, which meant she got a little dadda time before her headed off on a business trip.

Anyone else have a hard time being solo on Mondays? Or is that just me?


had to include my little photo bomber....



Coat (Forever 21); Sweater (Max Studio via TJMaxx but love this one); Tanks (JCrew); Highwaisted Jean (Asos); Rain boot (Jeffrey Campbell); Bag (Vintage Gucci via Invaluable); Scarf (vintage but want this one)

Gotta love having my sister around for a longer visit, number one she keeps Z entertained so I can get a few things done and of course I con her into getting some outfit pics.

The highswaisted black jean is a MUST for every mama. Actually for every woman. I am in love with this budget friendly pair that I got on Asos. Actually you can say my uniform this last week has been black jeans, white tee and either a denim top or oversized cardi. Basic but put together staples, is what my mom would call them.

Oh and the scarf is the perfect tool for hiding toddler handprints that end up on everything you are wearing... I will be stocking up with cute ones for the spring!

Now on the hunt for the best v-neck tees, anyone have a brand they love? Please share!!

Happy March my friends!