{Motherhood Mondays: Surviving a Toddler Sick Day}

We just survived 10 days of the sickies in our house and it was HORRIBLE!!!

We've since finished 10 days of antibiotics for her double ear and sinus infection and (crossing our fingers) the congestion is gone, her appetite is back and we have our crazy little girl back.

I headed over to the mommy Facebook groups and Instagram for natural comfort remedies and thought I should share what worked best for us.

So here it is the toddler survival kit for the sickies!


1. Blabla doll is our favorite "baby" for sick days, soft, washable and cute as hell! We also brought out new mini "presents" aka bubbles or bath tub crayons to keep her entertained on days stuck indoors.

2. Bubble bath are magic words around here. You know the ones you throw around when the witching hour starts??? And when you have a sick babe they are even more useful, it cleans them, calms them and entertains them. Win for everyone and they happened at least twice a day...

3. And a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a hot shower makes for a steam treatment. Plus it smells heavenly.

I'd put Z in her room (closing the gate to keep her safe), run the water till it was hot and turn the shower on after pouring a 4-6 drops of the oil in the bathtub and shutting the curtain and door. I'd let it run for a good 5 minutes. (*I'd let the tub cool before giving her a bath, sometimes just nursing her while sitting on the floor or reading/playing on a towel.

4. I gave these mini organic flavored waters away in the grab bags at Z's birthday party and they are a fab treat for a sickie who is refusing to eat or drink. She is a water drinker and barely drinks anything more than watered down apple juice for tummy problems, so just a hint of fruit juice is perfect for her. And who doesn't like Clifford on the juice box!

5. Sanitzer is everywhere in our house (hello we had a preemie!!) but I refuse to use anything but the Honest stuff, it smells delicious and keeps your hands moisterized. Buy it in bulk.

6. Aquaphor is another thing I suggest every parent buy in bulk. Don't get me wrong we use all organic/natural products on Z's little body, down to Honest diapers but this stuff is miracle cream.

I'd very generously apply on her little bottom to prevent a rash and on her nose/upper lip, because goodness that nose was wiped SOOOOO many times... And I'd like to report no rash (other than some redness) and her nose/upper lip stayed redness free!

(The thing is that everytime she sees me putting some on my lips she wants some too... I guess no dry lips for either of us!)

7. Back to the nose wiping, tissues are a bad idea. No question on brand or whatnot, their skin is just too sensitive so I'd suggest going with super soft cloth or (like we do) a natural baby wipe. And yes we had to make an extra order buttttt she is worth it.

8. Eucalyptus rub is also a magical cream, a little on the bottoms of her feet (with socks over them) and on her back (so it was no where near her eyes) helped her cough and congestion a ton. I am actually still using it on her and even O loves it.

9. Thanks to my lovely mama friend Milan for suggesting this high chair & toy cleaner, love having something to clean toys and not feel like I have to rinse them after... We love the Honest multi surface cleaner but this has a fraction of the ingredients and actually cleans. #winning

We also started something I am sort of against at this age, screen time, and although she is usually only interested in watching any sport with a ball or the Food Network, she does like the Baby Boost videos on Comcast On Demand. Z totally digs watching other babies on the screen and gets into the dancing!

Totally hoping for an early spring and no more sick days but anyone else have any favorites I should keep in mind??

Enjoy your Monday my dears.



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