{Mama Diaries: Time for Mama}

As a full time stay at home mama I find myself struggling to make time for myself. The guilt of leaving when O is home (when our time as a family is so limited) is overwhelming. But one thing I have realized in the last 15 months is that I need this time. I need a little time for me, even if it's just grocery shopping alone or better yet a mani and blowout (I did all three this weekend!). A little time when we get to enjoy the moment, listen to the person talking to us without juggling a sippy cup or snacks or simply read a magazine!

I love every single moment with my girl and feel so darn blessed that I get teary eyed thinking about how lucky I am to be home with her. How blessed I am to have O, who understands and supports how much I need this time with her. But that being said, it is HARD. So it doesn't matter if it's a run or a manicure, this time to ourselves, time to breathe and to reset; is important for us to continue being the best we can be, for these little humans we are raising.

On to the outfit, time for mama means I get to wear a tucked in shirt without having to retuck it a million times because let's be honest picking up a toddler a million times a day, kinda messes up your outfit!! Maybe next time I'll pull out a belt... Baby steps, baby steps.






Shirt (old Old Navy but love this one); Pants (super old Paige Denim but love these under $30 ones and these white ones); Shoes (Reaction by Kenneth Cole) Jacket (Nordstrom Rack score, loving this one); Bag (LV)

I have been seeing distressed ripped denim everywhere and finally pulled these back out from pre-preggo days, they have a lot of stretch (which I recommend for chasing little ones) and are just as comfy as leggings. win win.

What is your favorite thing to do when you get a little time for yourself?

Cheers to mama time!



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