{On the Hunt}

I moved back from NYC (kicking and screaming) 3 summers ago and felt like the townhouse O had owned for 13 years was enormous! I mean, I lived in a studio apartment of a 5th floor walk-up in Manhatten's Hells Kitchen and moved into 3 floors +plus a basement (with laundry, storage and a pantry!!!!).

A couple of years later add a babe (with much more stuff than I'd like to admit), our seperate stuff and stuff we've purchased together and this place is filled with a whole-lot-a stuff! My step-daughters room has turned into my walk-in closet (while she is at college in upstate NYC), no playroom, our master is on the 3rd floor (which I hate with a toddler) and and and and. The list of why this place is no longer perfect goes on and on. Which is why we find ourselves On The Hunt (and selling too!).

Things like school systems, family friendly 'hood and of course a cute square or downtown to stroll on the weekends... Do I even dare say a big farmers market and a nice library too... lol Wishlist is long people!!

We have had our hearts broken a couple times in the last few months and it has been with types of homes that we didn't know we'd ever love! Both were contemporaryish, open floor plans, loads of windows, low on projects and overflow of natural light in every corner of the home. Which also means the burbs for us!

Here are a few pics I have been pinning as I dream of our perfect house!

Hello walk-in closet.... A girl can dream right?

Please share any tips you have on house hunting!!!

If you need me I'll be here, knocking away at this CRAZY to-do list and dreaming of finding the perfect house (in our budget of course...). lol



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