{Scenes from our Weekend}

Darlings, although O has the flu and has been in bed quarantined since Saturday night, our to do list has had a ton crossed off to get the house on the market! Only negative is that we haven't seen anything we love, which scares the crap out of me!!! But the light is at the end of the tunnel!!! House goes on the market TOMORROW.

Hoping to share some tips from our realtor for those of you selling/buying in the next week or so but for now sharing a few pics from our weekend. All are from my actual camera since my replacement phone arrives tomorrow...


She get's so excited to push the button on the Nespresso in the AM and I sure do love hearing her say, button! (PS the pod organizer is a game changer!)


Scored this mirror at TJMAXX for above the barcart, $25! (love this and this one)


Lot's of outside time with my favorite girl while dadda worked on the house! Love a babe in a knitted sweater. This one is a Anais & I on sale and how about the pouty mouth because I couldn't get the bubble machine on quick enough?!


We exchanged the dining room light fixture with this Overstock light fixture in our dining room, such a steal for under $70 and neutral enough for anyone to like!


This little corner makes me so happy! These are the chairs my mom got Zoe and her temporary table (a lucite end table I bought years ago), can't wait to have a playroom/playarea in our next house!


Zoe has quite the collection of books but I definitely find myself reading some of the same ones over and over, these are some of her current favs.

What's Up Duck?

Bear Says Thank You

Mouse Says Sorry

The Pout Pout Fish (one of my favorites!!!)

Is Your Mama a Llama?

Babies on the Bus

Noisy Zoo

Buenas Noches Luna

Eres Mi Mama?

Sleepy Little Yoga


I either roast or crock pot chicken breasts every week, this week's was roasted with lemon juice/lemons, herbs, salt and coarse black pepper with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. I used half to make a big batch of soup and the rest to shred for tacos.


Bubble machine makes this girl so happy! Best before dinner activity ever! Especially when I have emails to answer!



Most unflattering angle ever but this right here is called perfection. We sure missed hanging with dadda but we have the best time together!


I have our "park bag" ready to go in our faux mud room (I keep food pouches, a blanket, other snacks, bubble machine, extra bubbles, sunscreen and will throw in cold water bottles and it makes heading to the park or outside easy peasy... aka less tantrums!)


This veggie filled chucken soup is perfect for this in-between weather we have been having and the one I made again tonight (will hopefully share the recipe soon!)

Although this month is a hard one (always will be) I have realized what a strong family I have. And an incredible partner and the light and joy that Zoe continues to bring us is pretty amazing. So my heart may continue to ache for our losses but it is pretty full everytime I take the time to look around at how lucky I am.

I hope you all had a great weekend.