{Maxi Dress Season Has Arrived}

Hey hey! First I'll complain, what's up with sleep regressions always happening when you have the most to do? Z will only nap on me (if you follow me on IG you know this already!) and cries bloody murder when we put her in her crib at night. Which brings us to our millionth sleep training session, it's been a brutal couple days but hoping that we are back to her falling asleep on her own with no tears.

Pedi says it's a developmental leap, but could be the molars she has coming in or simply a growth spurt. So really it could be anything.... Yeah. Could simply be that this is life with a toddler, things change and mama has gotta go with it... lol Oh the joys. I will say that the naps on mama (that haven't happened in so long, unless she was sick) are pretty glorious. Trying to just do as much whenever I can and enjoy her cuddling close and the quiet that comes with a baby napping.

Now onto my favorite article of clothing in my closet. The maxi dress. Anyone else feel like they could live in them all summer long?! Well the season is upon us ladies!!!

This one was a TJMaxx score that I wore on Mother's Day (and again today). Comfy even in the warm temps we had on Sunday and also perfect for true spring weather which we had today with this oldie but a goodie blush pink leather jacket from Reiss and comfy booties.





^^^give the girl a toothbrush and she's entertained for at least 20 minutes^^^


^^^ummm her air dried bed head is my favorite!^^^

And since most of my stuff is in storage or packed I'm adding a few others I can take from play dates to date night (on a budget of course!).

1. This one is an early b-day gift to myself, here is a budget friendly option.

2. This one is under $40 and I want it in every color!

3.On a budget and only buying one this would be my pick, can be easily styled up with wedges, necklace and a leather jacket or down in chucks and a denim jacket.

4. Perfect one for a spring wedding.

5. And for all my preggo mamas, this maternity one is perfect for before and after.

Also, I wanttttt this jacket but will most likely get this budget one.

A maxi is with out a doubt a MUST HAVE for any woman but especially a mama! I'll be embarrassingly honest and admit to buying multiple black ones in a style I love because I litterally wear them out. What's your must have for spring/summer?