{Mama Diaries: Am I Good Enough?}



This weekend was one for the books. After so many weekends spent getting our town house ready for the open houses, house hunting, and way too many plans I simply wanted a weekend with no agenda. Especially after this past week of Z's chaotic sleep regression (which after keeping quite strong to our routine and sticking to our guns we are HOPEFULLY at the tail end of it).

Every night this week I've slumped in our bed skimming my books (especially Wonder Weeks & Positive Discipline), and muttering under my breath and reading sections out loud, trying my hardest to wash away the question that lingered in the back of my throat, am I good enough? Am I really good enough to be her mom? Am I really doing what is right?


Questions I have asked myself many times during the last 17 months. Questions all of my mom friends (and perfect strangers that I occasoionally spill my guts to in a sleep deprived hormonal state) assure me that they ask themselves as well.

I don't have an answer to the equation to get an answer to this question (sorry!) but what I do know is that I will continue starting each day like a clean slate. Try my hardest every single day to be the best I can be, fill myself with knowledge that helps me be better at this mama gig, surround myself with unjudgemental mam friends (my village!) and also continue to just follow my gut. Oh andddddd cut myself some slack.




It is easy to feel worn out at anything you do 100% 24/7 so cutting myself (ourselves!) some slack is a priority. So let's start that, ok my friends?



I also promised myself that I would make time for many more weekends like this. More weekends of just us feeding our souls with watching our girl experience new things, smiles, sugar highs and unrushed bedtimes. Oh and wine!! There will always be a to-do list but pushing it aside and being present and active in creating memories should always be a priority. And that is my family summer bucket list!!!



^^ aren't these sandals adorable! I may be purchasing a pair for myself!^^

zoe is wearing:

Salt Water Sandals;

Gap denim jacket on sale!

(love this one too!);

Old Navy top;

Old Navy camo pants

Can you relate? Anything you do to help ease the fears of being good enough? Or advice on sleep regression, please share! That is enough of my weekly mama blabbing! These pics were taken while I was setting up my camera for last weeks outfit pics andI had to share. Love living this life with this girl so much. Her face melts my heart!!!



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