{Transformation Tuesday: La Puerta}

Since I am completely in reno mode, I thought I'd continue with a weekly post sharing some projects I am dreaming of, some in progress and (hopefully one day) some before and afters! And all this on a budget of course!

First up, la puerta.

The absolute easiest way to "up" your curb appeal is a coat of paint, a good cleaning and some flowers. Replacing a door that is in great shape seems silly, especially when we have so many other things I'd like to splurge on.

I have been drawn to a bright door in the past, I even painted my mom's door red on a whim one afternoon but lately a glossy black door is allI can dream of.

It took a little convincing (thank you Pinterest!) but the MR. is on board. Now let's see when we actually get to it...

Oh and how dreamy are these roses??!

Can't waittttt!!!! What color would you paint your door? Oh and I'll hopefully be back to outfit posts and recipes eventually... ha!



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