{Mama's Diaries: Long Weekend Around Here}

Hello my loves,

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend! It was a 4-day one for us, filled with dadda grilling (and trying out his new smoker!), mama making sides, lot's of play time for Zoe and even an Ikea trip. Low key and absolutely wonderful. One thing that has really changed since having Zoe (and now with a longer commute for O) is that we absolutely cherish our weekends. They may be ordinary to most but for this mama they are a reminder of how blessed I am.

Monday's are always hard on Zoe but especially after having dadda around for 4 days + she is battling some type of tummy virus = extra cuddles + elmo + popsicles.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend around here:

Ice Ice Ice + flower crown + cute dresses

fresh strawberry cake recipe testing is nottttt a bad thing.

sidewalk chalk + water table fun + the cutest tunic ever + the smile

Will be sharing this herb butter roasted corn next week because OMG it was good.

Rewarded with ice ice ice because she was so good at Ikea (she barely ate half but was so darn excited)

cutest little lady in stripes.

I've been starting my days with a super green smoothie to balance out the glass of vino after I put Z down...

Popsicles to hydrate post stomach virus + and squirmy kisses from mama.

My life is nothing special but extremely perfect.



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