{Mama Diaries: Thirty Two}


32 times around the sun.

Saturday I will be a whole 32 years old.

I am no where near where I thought I would be but blessed beyond belief at this path I've ended up on.

A good friend (that passed away shortly after my move to NYC) would always say "keep that path you are imagining loosely planned, because sometimes everything can change and if you allow it can be pretty fabulous".

When I think of O & I's story her voice rings in my head. We met while I was consulting at a company he was working at, how I moved to NYC shortly after, how we stumbled upon our love years later, how we had a baby, then bought a house, soon will have a wedding... She would have loved our story. She would have loved that I gave up on "how it's suppose to go", she would have loved that I think of her everytime I just 'do me' and let go of everyone's opinons.

What I am trying to say is that as this birhday approaches I realize that sometimes what we can't imagine and don't plan our lives to be can be even better...

Goodness I miss her, especially on my birthdays.

31 you were pretty rad but I can already see that 32 will be even better.