{Mama Diaries: It Takes Work}

Hello my lovelies,

After a sort of hellish week a great weekend was necessary and this was another for the books. And loveliesssssss, a date night/a wedding was in the mix. I mean we got dressed up, had drinks, adult conversation (thanks Jenny!) and stayed out untill after midnight and I honestly can't remember the last time we did that!! The bride looked stunning and seriously thought of everything.

End of the evening selfies. So blessed to get to go on this path with him.

The pastor shared such a thoughtful sermon during the ceremony about relationships and the work that it takes to have a succesful one. He believes that you have to do three things to make a marriage/relationship soar.

Be kind.

Be generous.


Three things that take a lot of work, time and actual effort. Three things that we should think of often and have on our mind as we go through each day. And not just with our partners but with any relationship we want to be successful.

No one person is perfect. No relationship is perfect. But two people can be PERFECT FOR EACHOTHER.

And another thing, no matter what we see from the outside we should always know the nurturing that goes on EVERY SINGLE DAY to make a marriage work.

So as you start a fresh new week remember that all good things take work. Be kind, be generous and always remember to compromise. I know I will be trying a little harder.