{Loving Right Now: Denim on Denim}

Hello my loves,

Writing you all while my little Z is still asleep at 8am!!! Well she was up all night... So now she catches up on rest and mama gets to play a little catch-up.

Anyone else feel like September crept up way too fast? Well it's still hot humid and rainy here but Fall is pretty darn close. Don't get me wrong I love Fall, mainly for the boots and chunky sweaters but the winter that lingers in every breath of cooler air gives this newly "burb mama" the chills and definitely not in a good way.

Now let's talk about denim. While growing up back to school shopping meant a uniform but now it means boots and denim. Seriously though, back to school shopping makes me feel so much better about summer ending, no judgement zone, right?

Best transition pieces will always be denim. Best advice I ever got was not to worry too much about the brand, just get the fit that you love. Because if you invest in the time to find a pair that look fabulous on you they will end an "I don't have anything to wear crisis in seconds".

Lately I have been crushing hard on the denim on denim look (I actually have a Pinterest board dedicated to it!) and since a few new denim pieces have entered my closet I thought it was time to get inspired.