{Mi Casa: Dreaming of my Entry}

We plan on finishing our kitchen and playroom before moving on to any other room in the house buttttt our family room and entry are next on the list. And for some reason it's my entry that I am dreaming of. Perhaps because I am intimidated by the family room, or maybe it's the light fixtures that O put up in the entry this weekend... Or maybe it's simply that it is the firsttttt room everyone sees as they walk in! Let's just say it's a little of everything. I have been pinning away from the moment we strated house shopping (check it out here). It will be a mix of new, refurbished and relocarted goods, whichfor me is always fun but like any other room I start with my dream board.

Which looks a little something like this.

A rug that is super easy to clean and stain resistant is a must with all the traffic an entry has and since it is a "center of command" I must have a table, something stylish that holds a table lamp (isn't this one sooo cute, I feel like Z would get a kick out of it!), a statement bowl for loose change, pizza money and keys and of course an entry is not complete without a vase of fresh flowers. These are faux and a great backup for when you don't have flowers (DIY tutorial coming up soon on how to make your own bouquet!). Everyone needs to keep track of the time in a busy house and the second is sentimental, one to keep on Swiss time so I know what time it is for my twin (something I read in my new fav interior design book, Design Mom!)

On one wall I will keep it simple, with a little more light, a mirror and a comfy bench (with storage!) for taking shoes off or for toddler meltdown moments...

We have two coat closet's at the entry, one that will have shelving for shoes and another a coat rack, I was thinking I'd line the shelves with rubber mats that are easy to clean. But if you don't have the extra closet space, you should consider a rack or hooks. A couple baskets will hold slippers, extra socks for our no outdoor shoe household rule and where I can toss stray toys before opening the door for guests.... Is it wierd I have been dreaming of this entry or can you relate?

Hedgehog Table Lamp

Copper Canyon Bowl

Stain Resistant Balta Addison Rug

Elberta Wall Mirror

Entry Table

Sea Gull Foyer Pendant

Gravity Number Clock

Birch Lane Fauz White Peony

Woven Fringe Basket

Nail Head Storage Bench

Plum and Bow Alba Sconce

Really hoping for some update pics next week but you know, don't hold your breath! lol It's almost Friday lovelies!