{Mama Diaries: Holy Moly 21 Months}

How the heck did that happen??? Last week Zoe turned 21 months and I am finding it so hard to believe that it has really been 21 months since I walked into an ER because my little babe wasn't moving and lots of tests, what ifs, worse case-scenarios, I was rushed into an OR for an emergency c-section.

She was itty bitty, but tough as nails, making her arrival known as she hollered and cried. I didn't get to hold her or see her but I sent O off to the NICU and told him not to let her out of his sight.

We brought home a 4 pound, head full of hair, fighter, who against some odds is a healthy, smart, sassy, talkative, observant toddler.

She knows her colors by Sesame Street characters, counts to 4 in spanish, loves practicing her ABC's, dancing, music and anything that has to do with water. Calls her self Zozo (like her dadda calls her!) and loves to say "zozo do" for just about everything. #biggirlstatus

She remember so much it is scary! Loves to "rock" her babies, cook rice and beans and color. She is a great eater and will try just about anything I put on her plate, but try and force her and she'll remind you who is boss! Her fav pouch is still spinach lentil brown rice and will even pick that over a popsicle any day! Oh and don't get me started on green smoothies, she drinks mine and hers!

She dislikes the car seat with a passion (it helps when I repeat where we are going and ask her what song she wants to sing!). recently started hating bathtime before bed so we are gonna switch to AM baths but loves showers because it's "raining". Does not like eggs or pasta but we try our best to always share some with her, since they change so much of their likes and dislikes from week to week.