{What Mama Wore: Rainy Day Overalls}

Target Overalls // Old Zara Shirt (but want this AP one) // rain boots // LV bag //

Overalls have been on mind since I started spotting all my fav bloggers wearing them and when I spotted these (pocket friendly) options I knew I had to. Now that the weather is cooling down, mama had an opportunity to wear them and I knew I had to share them! They are a must buy, comfy, and distressed in the right spots, even went well with my rain boots.

And although one of the mom's at Z's music class didn't have nice things to say about them, most people loved them. But most importantly I love them!!! Only thing I would change is I'd wear them with a body suit (linked the AP one I just ordered) so there was less scrunching in the already not so flat belly area. I seriously might just might wear them every week...



PS Target is having a BOGO sale and I just picked up a few of these t-shirts, this