{Mama Diaries: Making the Best of It}

On Z: Target thermal // old Old Navy vest - love this leopard one! //

On Me: Shirt (sofest ever!) // Jeans // Hat

Last week I left our house in a overwhelmed stupor, packing up to spend a couple days at my moms house to keep Z and our pup out of the way of the painter. The painter had arrived, the landscapers had started the cleanup of our property and woken a sick toddler and O was traveling for work. I was exhausted, cranky, hadn't finish a cup of coffee and was feeling quite on edge.

I drove around hoping Z would nap (failed at that!) and all she did was cry, cry and cry. She was sick, we were both tired and both missing our routine like nuts. In that moment I was seriously about to have a meltdown with her. Instead, I parked the car in the downtown near my mom's house and took my girl for lunch. Ordered us chicken fingers, french fries and a salad for mama (the bacon vinegrette was to DIE for!!!). We colored, giggled, hugged "duckkkyyyy" and chatted with the sweet staff.

I didn't finish my post or photograph my recipe for the week, I didn't keep her on her sleep schedule, workout or get a little much needed alone time. Instead of the meltdown I chose to slow down and enjoy some time with my girl. At the end of lunch I walked away with my heart full, still exhausted but my heart bursting with love for this tiny human teaching me so dang much about patience and slowing down.

Oh sweet girl, one day you'll look back and barely remember these moments but they are completely etched in my soul, molding me into a better person and making all of my dreams come true. They are far from perfect, but these sweet moments belong to us. I love love love you to that moon and back, X a million.

I'm sharing this because our lives as mamas are not perfect but they are incredibly special, you just have to make that decision to slow down and make the best of it. Sometimes that means throwing the to-do list/plan out the window and sitting down for french fries.

Happy Monday my loves.