{Reader Appreciation Giveaway!)

First, thanks a million times for always reading this blog. There is so much love, time and effort that goes into this space and a part of me does really do it for me but I also do it for all of you. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I get when there are comments and suggestions (so keep'em coming!!)

Second, this blog started off as a place to share professional advice from a recruiter, fashion and food and since then we have had a name change, 2 moves ( NYC -- BOS --- Burbs ) and best of all, I became a mama. I am no longer consulting full time so that has taken a side burner but the fashion and recipes are all tangled up with all things bebe.

Some of you have been here from the begining and others new to my little space on the internets but I do not discriminate against readers, love you all equally!!! lol

Thirdly, in appreciation to all of you (and in order to spread the word) I am conducting a private, funded-by-me, giveaway. I can't stop wearing This Target blanket scarf. I wore it all weekend in VT and always have it in the stroller or my bag because it not only keeps me warm, it covers coffee stains like a champ and even keeps a sleeping babe warm!

All you have to do is make sure you subscribe to the blog and forward to 5 friends that would enjoy reading the blog. Comment below when you have subscribed and forwarded to 5 friends and that is it.

You can choose from any of the ones below or from this page. I'll announce the winner on Wednesday the 21st, a week from today!

Happy Wednesday my lovelies.



Please note:

This Giveaway is a private giveaway, funded by me as a way to say thank you and share a product I love.