{Bebe: Celebrating Halloween withTots}

Hi lovelies!!!

We are off on another (very short) adventure tomorrow, to NYC to watch Z's big sister play in a tournament and although the car part has me peeing in my pants worried, I am excited to do something different with my crew.

Now as for the last week and the rest of the month, well it looks a little something like this!

One of my favorite things about being a SAHM is that I get to create our "lesson plan" and although a lot of everything we do is centered around educational activities (girlfriend knows most of her letters and colors and is mastering counting in spanish!) but I also like to have a theme for the month and break it down to activities, crafts and even songs. Ayyyy that all sounds super duper corny but I am living out my dream to be a teacher and I absolutely love it.

As a mama to a preemie I spent my first year with homework from our Early Intervention Case Workers, making sure I was supplying her with all of the tools to be successful and to hit each developmental stage when she was ready. Ask anyone who knows me, I was totally by the book. Reading every dang book I got my hands on. But it helped me ease my fears that come with bringing home a preemie.

Now it's just about making sure she has fun, learns and is prepared to one day go to pre-school. We also squeeze in classes and playdates so she is socialized. But mainly it is us to having a ball and making a mess.

Last month it was Fall is here, and this month the theme is Halloween. Some cute songs and videos, and lots of books to prep her for some dressing up and maybe not being scared, because make pretend is fun but can be scary for babes! Here are some favorite ways to celebrate Halloween with your toddler.

Here are a few of my favorites for this month:

Paint a pumpkin! We plan carving one closer to Halloween but painting a real one (or the wooden one from the craft store) was so much fun and with a little craft paper on her table she was able to go at it and I could do a little work and sip my coffee. I like to talk to her about the colors she is using, what other things are orange, and what it feels like etc. And she has a ball.

Bake cookies! These were from a box (gasp!!!) but she loveddddddd making them and although the sprinkles and frosting got EVERYWHERE she had a great time. She wouldn't even try one, she said no "mama'ssssss". lol Check out my Halloween Pinterest board for other treats you can make.

We also craft a ton on a regular but making the ghost (like in her book!) was her favorite and I of course have a ton pinned on this board where I get all of my ideas!

Let's be honest videos give mama a lil coffee break! These are a few Z has seen and approved.

5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on the Gate