{Dishes: Crock Pot Round-Up}

Back in action from a whirlwind trip to NYC and can I say it was worth every single song we sang, puzzle we played, book and elmo app we played to entertain Zoe... Even worth hiding in the shadows of the hotel room until she fell asleep... But seriously O crawling to the bed and making pretend he was asleep when she stood in her pack n play still makes me laugh out loud!!! But she fell asleep and slept through the night. And I even got to grab a couple glasses of vino with one of the biggest gems in my life. #winning

Walking through my old hood with my usual cafesito from The Jolly Goat Coffee Bar (amazing!!!), pushing a stroller and talking brunch plans with my man honestly felt surreal. NYC is such a piece of who I was when he and I met that mixing the two lives felt like a dream. In a really really good way. Also imagine Z yelling "beeep beeeppp trucks, cars" and "biiirrrsssss come back"! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

Now onto reality. Dishes in the sink, lots of laundry and a playroom to complete and photograph (it's almost done guys!!) and a couple crock pot dinners. Before last Thursday we had been stove-less for a couple weeks. SO FRUSTRATING. But a mama still had to cook at least 5 days a week, (with a couple left overs in between). So in comes the alternatives, mainly the crock pot. Because it's easy and it's Fall. And yeah you know the whole set it and forget it is like a mama love language.

Which allowed me to test out some really fabulous recipes. So here they are ,crock pot recipes from around the web. I promise the family will all be very happy.

Balsamic Glazed Roast Beef (Insanely good, I used half on it's own for dinner and the rest I put back in the crock pot the next day with two cans of organic white beans and squash from my CSA and cooked on low for 6 hours and I can't even begine to tell you how good it was. Best part is soup always taste best the next day so make it ahead!)

Jerk Chicken (On my must try list but has gotten rave reviews from a few mama friends.)

Black Bean & Lentil Soup (I make at least one soup a week because hellooooo leftovers for lunch and at leats one other dinner that week!)

Rosemary Olive Oil Loaf (Make this in the AM and then throw in your soup ingredients and make croutons with your leftovers!)

This fritatta is all you need for hosting bruch, well that and mimosas!

Honey Glazed Adobo Chicken (perfect with guac for Taco Tuesday!)

Skinny Slow Cooker Kale and Turkey Meatball Soup (perfect for cold rainy days!)

Honey Siracha Chicken (perfectly served on it's own to watch the game on Sunday or with a bag of Trader Joes brown rice!)

Poached Salmon with Lemon & Fresh Herbs (hello!!!)

Butternut Squash Soup (hands down one of my fav Meatless Monday meals!)

Oh and looking for something to do with all those apples you picked?

apple butter

apple sauce

apple crisp

caramel hot cider

Now there you have it, the easy peasy way to get through the Fall with your BFF the crock pot. Have a great Monday my darlings!!