{Mama Diaries: 6 Things I Need to Stop Apologizing For}

Me: Overalls // old flannel (similar here) // T-shirt (so comfy!) // Sneakers

Zoe: Hat // old vest (leopard one // love this hooded one too!) // Shirt // Leggings // Sneakers // Duckieeeee

Happy Fridays my loves.

I am so thrilled that the week has passed!!!!

One thing I find myself doing as a mama is apologizing a whole lot. The house isn't finished, the mess, my toddlers crumbs across the store (that I am trying to pick up and stuff in my pockets) oh and that meltdown... yes that meltdown, I apologize to everyone I pass.... Is it normal? Maybe. Necessary, sometimes. But seriously not always and I am learning there are some things I just don't need to apologize for.

I worry about Zoe constantly.

I even sit in the back with her when O is driving. She spent the first month of her life (as a preemie) being overly monitored and think that traumatized me. I worry about what she eats, what she doesn't, if she is too cold or hot, what I put on her skin, whats int he air... the list goes on and on. And you know what, it's ok. I'm her mama.

I love my wine.

Wine, cheese and crackers will always be my meal when O is out of town. And most nights I have a glass of vino, even before O gets home from work. I use to be embarrassed and htink I had to apologize for this but I spend my day balancing work, a toddler, my home and then my man when he gets home; so I deserve every single delicious sip of that glass.

I have an incredible partner.

Who urges me to take time for myself, always makes sure I feel loved and treats me as equal partner. Never questions a purchase (not to my face anyway!). He works out of the home and never ever makes me feel like what I do in the home isn't work. He always cleans the floors (my least favorite) and never argues about me turning on the heat ( #winning ). My love language is giving and his is supporting. Because no matter what I do, or plan, he always has my back. I honestly could not have asked for a better person to share this life with.

I care about fashion.

Getting "dressed up" for errands and even throwing on a little lipstick is ok, it makes me happy. I shouldn't have to have a reason for skipping out on leggings once in a while and wearing an outfit that I most likely pinned ealier that day.

My house is not spotless.

Most mornings my sink will be filled with dishes; after cooking I do not always feel like cleaning up and I don't! The bathrooms (hopefully!!!) get cleaned once a week and there is alwayssssss laundry to be done but instead I play and dance with Zoe multiple times a day and it gets done when it gets done. Tis is my life.

I am a stay at home (sometimes consulting) mama.

Goodness this is a hard one. I get the mamas that wish they could, or could never imagine it. The ones that judge and aren't mamas yet. The people that constanlt ask when she'll go to daycare so I can go back to work. I find myself constantly apologizing for something that I am happily doing because it is right for our family. That. Is. It. It works for us and I take the role quite seriously with tickling fights, baking day and craft time. ;)

So there. I have announced it and now you have the right to pinch me if I apologize for it!!! Off to do some last minute things before our busy weekend and pick up some wings to make for dinner, because seriously this week, kicked my butt.

So now spill it, what do you find yourself apologizing for?!



The Winner of the blanket scarf is: Emily!! Email me and we can coordinate. And for the others, thank you X a million. Your endless support means the world, I'll be hosting a few other giveaways of my favorites this month.