{Mamas Diaries: It's Time For Another Baby Isn't It?}

It's Time for Another Baby Isn't It... No this isn't a baby announcement but more like a rant about the questions heard around the world. The questions every mama gets from the moment she holds her first sweet babe in her arms. What if I don't want another? What if I can't? What if we are trying and are struggling? What if we can't afford another? What if I want to enjoy the right now and not think of that? What if I miscarried the night before? What if I want to pursue my career and 1 baby is all I can handle? What if my husband dosen't want anymore babies? What if I want to wait until she is 3, 4, or 5? What if thinking of having two babies at home scares me? What if we used IVF for my first and are saving up to try it again? What if I'm traumatized and don't want to give birth again? What if My doctors told me I can never carry another baby? What if I am pregnant but am waiting to share the news? What if. What if. What if. Too many what ifs to count. Too many to say them all. This isn't meant to offend any one but mainly a reminder that it's a loaded question that so many of my mama and wishing to be mama friends get asked. We have passed that 30 mark (a few years ago...) and yes it's true we don't have forever but let's be kinder, empathetic and maybe a little less nosey? lol

I am not poitning fingers because I am surely guilty of asking this question in the past. But all I ask is next time you ask someone you barely (or even really) know, about there baby making plans; remember that everyone has a story. A sad, happy, exhausting, never ending story. Let them be the judge of who they share it with, because as innocent as that question may seem it put them over the edge that day.



This post is written for the sweet ladies in my life and beyond. Those that are struggling with infertility, for those that are struggling with the decision (for many reasons) of adding to thier families, for those that pray every night for clarity in the next phase of life, and especially for those that cringe everytime they have to explain thier situation. I am with you and send you so much love and support through these lines.