{Bebe: 13 Things I've Learned About Potty Training}

Life has revolved around the potty these last 5 days and well we are doing pretty dang great. Less and less accidents and I've learned a few things along the way, so here goes.

1. Snacks. Snacks. Snacks. provide lots of different options for bribery and reward.

2. Don't feel weird about wanting to design a bathroom with a sofa in it.

3. First few days are naked days, don't invite anyone over or schedule the Orkin guy for his quarterly visit because they will think you are crazy but it works better.

4. Stickers. Stickers. Stickers. buy them in bulk and all different kinds, these are also for bribery and reward... You know if you sit a little longer I'll get you stickers....

5. When your toddler hands you poop from her pants, refrain from saying digusting and giving her a gross look because she will repeat it exactly every single time she poops and to the Orkin guy because you know that how she rolls.

6. Potty training is officially harder than sleep training.

7. Buy wine in bulk and don't feel bad about it.

8. Use a timer. Especially if you have visitors because you will forget to ask (for the millionth time) do you need to go potty and she will announce it only after peeing on your guests.

9. It's ok to bribe with things you wouldn't regularly do, like the extra screen time or ice cubes to chew on, this is not spoiling this is Potty Training and well whatever goes.

10. When she says, mama peepeee mama peepeee, you respond let's go and she says no no and continues to play, do everything you can to get her on the toilet. By now your bribing skills should be top notch, use them. Bribe, reward, or simply carry her.

11. Buy whomever spends most the day with your toddler flowers. and gifts and tell them they look skinny and more gifts. (hint hint that back I want + flowers please!)

12. Buy the value pack of underwear. Heck buy two and be prepared to use them all in a day those first few days. Accidents will happen. You must accept this.

13. When the accidents happen try not to swear, grin and remind them about the book where Elmo/Ducky/the mommy said accidents happen, sing some silly songs or dance to divert the meltdown and if all else fails break out the snacks and stickers.

Now go on, remind your hubby you can start potty training next week. It's ok, I sort of wish we would have waited till next month....