{What Mama Wore: Black & Burgundy}

Hello lovelies!

We had our first sans diaper outing, which was merely an hour at the food store for groceries and after almost a week of not leaving the house I was excited. I even slapped on some lipstick to make sure everyone knew it was a party. LOL!!! Seriously though, is it too early for a cocktail? Cause it's Friday!

This cropped knit sweater is an oldie (Juniors dept at TJMaxx maybe?) but when paired with mama must haves: black high waisted denim + cross body bag + hat + fitted rain coat. You find yourself feeling more than put together. This mama needs easy outfits but that make me feel put together. Don't get me wrong we have many days that I can't remember when I had slipped on the leggings I was wearing and brush my teeth (for a second time in a row) because I can't remember if I had done it... But throwing on a cute outfit, a red lip, heavy concealer and mascara will sure do wonders.

Similar Cropped Sweater // High Waisted Denim - I need these // *YSL Glossy Stain // Co-Lab Crossbody bag via TJMaxx but loving this similar burgundy (40% off!) // Moto Rain Boot // Thrifted Banana Republic Trench lusting for this splurge and love this one under $100 // Hat

*(fav lipsticks ever, I use a lip primer and top with gloss and it lasts all day!)

Lesson to be learned in this post: buy highwaisted black denim ASAP, don't over look the juniors department for cute affordable pieces to pair with said denim, a cross body frees up both hands for holding little bums over toilets as you run in the house and a trench coat will last you FOREVER.

Off to get the house cleaned before the dishwasher is delivered, hosting a girls afternoon to share on some Ava Anderson products my neighbor sells and looking forward to kiddie free time!

Hope you all have something fabulous planned.



PS don't forget to check out this amazing deal on TinyPrints for your holiday cards and ummm these super budget friendly boots are a must have!


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