{Life Lately : Kitty Tea Party}

Hello loves!

I meant for this to go up yesterday but feeling all sorts of sluggish and thought I'd finally get it up tonight. This weekend we celebrated our girl turning 2 , with a kitty tea party!

Goodness 2 is all sorts of fun and a whole lot of meltdowns, she over slept and I had to wake her from her nap so the begining was a tad shaky butttttt once we got singing and coloring she loosened up. My hope is to come back and link a bunch of stuff last this week, I'll let you know when that happens!

We had planned on a super small party, sticking to kiddos closest to Zoe's age and it ended up being even smaller because of some colds (tis' the season!) but it actually turned out to be even better. Kiddos got ears and whiskers painted on, we sang songs, then moved onto the coloring station before some food and then everyone's favorite, treats and cake.

Since I got a few emails about gift ideas and what to put in grab bags, I'll do another post on that next week. All in all, it was small but not lacking specialness. Most of all, our sassy lil lady had a ball.

I honestly can't believe she is two!!! Enjoy the super heavy picture post... So hard to pick just a few.



These tea cups were my fav and spill proof! #winning

Look at this little excited girl! Wish she wasn't blurred but this was her reaction post-nap when she saw the set-up!

love these two!

color your own tea cups!

that belly!!!!

and her squinty smile!!!

I bought this skirt from H&M a year ago and it finally fit and perfect for the occasion!

I have known thier mom for over half my life, so happy they came!!!

#Lifelately #bebe