{Gifts I'm Giving}

Just spent the last 24 hours with my sweet very sick girl, so excuse all typos and the fact that I made coffee this AM and just remembered right now... Well that means I am praying this post makes sense! Her temp hit 103 and mama was a worried mess, we finally have it under control and she is napping after a morning in bed "nuggglin" with mama. Gosh it sure does hurt your heart to see your littles sick and uncomfortable! Not to mention seeing 103 pop up on the thermometer. Thanking God I restocked my medicine cabinet before Thanksgiving and I didn't have to rush out and buy tylenol or motrin at 1AM. I recommend everyone doing that ASAP!

Sooooo, onto the fact that Christmas is like wayyyyyy to close for comfort and I have purchased about two gifts. I thought since there are sooooo many gift guide's out there that I thought I'd try something different. Why not give you a peak at what I am actually gifting this year, instead of the usual last minute dash to come up with links to cool gifts.

Instead here are some uber meaningful gifts I'll be gifting to my loved ones, gifts I know will be perfect for at least someone on your list.

Now here is to hoping no one figures out who's getting what...

1. To the coffee lover. Vega Coffee gift subscription! For every subscription or gift box purchased, they'll plant a coffee tree with the recipient's name, making your gift a gift to coffee farmers too. Gifts start at $15. (delicious coffee with a mission and delivered right to their doorstep!) Just make sure you buy yourself a subscription too! (read my review here!) (use code: CHICBOSTONMAMA for 50% off your first shipment when you sign up for a subscription)

& The Bodum French Press to go with the coffee!

2, To the new 'Chic Mama' in my crew. (I may have bought them for myself too...) Niki Biki Vintage Modal Destroyed Leggings, because she may not be ready for her old jeans just yet doesn't mean she can't look fab. (dear santa I will take anything on this site!) The gorgeous Morgan is giving 25% off to CBM readers! Use code: NF25

3. I'm also loving loving loving these Better Bundle's from Olen Organic (expect more from me on these incredible folks and their mission!) for the expecting mama in your life, read more about how they maximize convenience and efficiency and minimize waste here.

4. To the person with Everything Prosperity Candle (did you see yesterdays post on them?) This is one I just ordered for a couple ladies in my life. UPDATE we now have a discount code for you lovelies through 12/31/15 !! use code:: CHICBOSTONMAMA for 10% off your order, already made mine so get on it!

5. To the beauty product obsessed BFF - True Moringa Lavendar Facial Oil (this stuff is from the SKIN GODS and has helped my dry skin in just two weeks. Can't wait to talk more about this product!!) and this makeup bag. (use the code: CHICMAMA15 for 15% off!!)

6. To your honey. {O loves this stuff and although it's a bit over what guys spend on their face it is SO worth it} and these sweats may also have made it on my list for him. 'Facial Fuel' Gel Cleanser for Men

7. The music lover in your life. O put this on this Floating Record - Vertical Turntable on his X-Mas list and I love it, it will look really great in our "music room" although it won't get here in time, you can always wrap up a picture of it.

8. Suggested these Sakcloth & Ashes blankets for O to gift his team, we own one and it is the perfect beach, park, snuggling up blanket. Best part is that for every gorgeous blanket you purchase, one will be donated to your local shelter. I mean, if you ask me gifting can't be any more perfect than that.

9. To the cute tot in your life. I've had my eye on this Bikloon Balance Bike.

This Rody Ride-On Inflatable Horse was a b-day gift we never got to inflating/giving to her, so it'll be a Santa gift! (it's Prime shipping too!)

& Tubby Todd Bath Comany Bubbles because OMG girl friend loves these bubble and mama loves the smell (and I also got her the lotion and body wash to compare to other stuff we've used and excited to try!) Buy by the 19th and it'll be in before XMAS!

10. And last but not least, to the baby mama that potty trained your babe and manages to balance way more than even possible, this insanely gorgeous ring. But seriously can a girl get some pretty jewels? lol!

Off to tend to my girl and working on a couple other discount codes so please check back! Interested in some help in finding the perfect gift, email me!! I love this stuff.