{Mama Diaries: Self-Care and Lavender & Rose Water Spray}

Happy Martin Luther King Day, my lovelies. The snow is falling over here in MA and I am loving the excuse to stay in doors and cuddle with my loves. But before I get into hibernation mode, I thought I'd get this post up!

Every mama of littles should constantly be reminded of self-care. Actually all multi-tasking, hardworking, wearer of many hats, should take a little time each day for themselves. But mamas, mamas need it more than anything. Especially when you have these tiny human who depend on you 24/7.

On top of self-care is also cutting yourself some slack. We are not perfect and we can't do it all. There I said it. We cannot do it all. I have struggled with this a lot. I especially struggled in those early months of cluster feeding and not remembering when my last shower or proper meal was. It had a little to do with not wanting to miss a thing and be a part of every second with my little lady and LOT to do with bringing home a preemie baby. The worry was like a dark cloud that hung over me. Every comment about how little she was (we brought her home at 4 pounds!!) was a constant reminder about her premature emergency birth, something I blamed myself for. So instead of taking and enjoying me-time, I would rush through any moments and decline many offers. It was just easier to do it myself.

Little did I know I was doing much more harm than good. But this year I made it one of my big goals. Doing one thing for myself every single day.

Hardest dang goal I've ever come up with but so far very worth it.

Yesterday it was a hot soak in my favorite epsom salt instead of the workout that I usually squeeze in during Zoe's nap. Saturday it was girls night and the day before a toddler free grocery trip! So nothing big, just some prioritized small moments for myself every day, to make sure I am in the best shape to allow myself to being present with my two-ager!

What are your favorite ways to self-care?