{What Mama Wore in the Freezing Tundra}

Hello my darlings!

Why is it that Tuesdays after long weekends feel like Mondays on crack? Horrid analogy but honestly everything is like pulling teeth over here, not to mention a toddler who did not nap and would only like dadda to make her a snack, sorry kiddo dadda is at work... With other adults and no meltdowns...

On top of that it's seriously a frozen tundra out there and getting dressed is a pain in the butt. Unless it's my pj's for bed! But when I do have to go out, I make sure and layer up, wear water-proof boots and a hat keeps the crazy, unstraightened hair under control. These shades are my favorite attempt at looking cooler than I actually have ever been, but I love that they are very different than my usual pair.

I saw this coat on one of my fav mommy bloggers and new I had to have it, so warm but has a cute shape to it so I don't feel frumpy (I think I need the beige one!!). The boots are a few years old and I honestly have gotten so much use out of them I am considering another purchase!

Coat // Similar Hat // Shirt // Open Cardigan // RayBans // Leggings // Shorts // Sorels // Barneys Bag (Can't find online but love this slate one)

Here are a few other cold weather options I can't live without!

1.Top Shop Fur Lined Parka 2. Fringe Coat (for layering!)

3. Vince Camuto Parka 4. Kensie Faux Fur Trim

5. Fur Trip Drape Sweater m 6. Hunter Boots (don't forget the welly sock!)

Hope you are all getting through the week with less meltdowns and more coffee/wine than me!