{What Mama Wore: Rocker Chic Uniform}

Hello my lovelies.

First I wanted to say thank you X a million for all the sweet love that my last post received. I can't tell you how much it means. I debated a ton in posting it but if we can't be transparent when we are aching in pain then why do that when we are as happy as can be? Life is full of ups and downs and it feels good to know I can be as real here as I am in real life. So cheers to wearing our feelings on our sleeves and reaching of for support when we need it.

Sort of getting back into a groove and posting stuff that I had ready for this week. Which feels good.

One thing I want to do more of this year is dress more for myself. You know, now what I am suppose to wear because I'm a mama or live in the burbs but a lot more of things I love and love how I look in. A leather jacket is a major, instantly chic, MUST HAVE for every woman. I say size up so you can layer underneath it but not too big wear you get lost underneath it.

I spent a way too qucik weekend in NYC recently and it reminded me about how much fun I use to have getting dressed!! I don't have a specific style, much more about my mood and where I am going but I do gravitate toward a little rocker chic type look. Maybe because it is the farthest from what I am??? lol

We may be SAHM but we can still have a little fun with what we choose to get insanely messy in (because let's be honest, some days I change as many times as Z does!) So for those days you are peeling off the yoga pants you MUST have a little fun.

The boots are by far my favorite Christmas gift, uber comfy and make me feel a tad bit cooler than I really am. ha!

Lulus Plaid Flannel out of stock but love this one // Yosi Samra Studded Booties love these // Highwaisted Skinny Jeans // Bag // RayBans // Leather Jacket (this one is under $100) // Off The Shoulder Top ( love this option for under $30)

Hope you all have a fabulous day with lots of coffee (or maybe that's just my thing...).