{Bebe: 10 Toddler V-Day Ideas}

Happy Weekend my loves!

Goodness this last week tore me down a bit but I am finally getting to these posts and may even have one or two game day recipes for you tomorrow! For now we are onto Valentine's Day because guys, it's ALMOST February!!! How the heck did that happen?

And for the complaining part of the post... It drives me nuts when people poke fun at the fact that Zoe and I have been crafting since before her first birthday. Don't get me wrong, the younger days (and still somedays!) the point is to mainly play goalie and stop the materials from going in her mouth...

But it has to be one of my favorite things to do with her, we gift the grandma's and her Godmother with cards, crafts and her dadda get's "pictuuuurs for woooork". But I always keep one for my box of that years memories.

She loves to request, mama let's paint or craft or bake when I ask her what we should do that day, and I get so HAPPY when she does! lol It's not something my mama had a ton of time to do with us (even thought she is the craftiest!), so getting the chance to do it with Z makes me (and my mama) so happy. Bring on the creativity baby girl!

Anddddddd let's be honest, when mama finds something that she likes so much that we skip a request for ANOTHER Elmo than we are winning!

She loves tracing her hands!

Dressing herself these days... Even when the sweater is too small and boots in the house... ^^^^

Here are 10 Toddler V-Day Ideas

1. The fab blogger mamas Lynzy and Lauren teamed up and shared a printable game and some delicious looking chocolate covered marshmallows, both which we are doing this week!

2. Heart Shaped Crayons from Creative Mama, so flipping cute. Maybe for a classroom gift with all the broken crayons?

3. These celery stick stamps look way too cute not to try!

4. This red dress is under $20 and will fill the tutu infatuation my little one has!

5. And if I had a boy he'd be rocking this bow tie!

6. I wish I would have seen this mail box this week but I got her this kitty one and this shark for our friend Cam!

7. What an easy peasy no glue craft? Try these paper plate hats!

8. Of course I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to this!

9. These pj's are the cutest.

10. I love matching pink and red and this is the month to do it and match your mini! Just ordered this heart tee and this star wars boys tee because O is obsessed! I love this dress for me and Zoe's pink HUNTER boots make me want to buy a pair to match my mini! (PS the boot socks make them sooo much warmer in the winter annddddd you can size up and they'll last throught the spring/summer.)

I love all things crafty at Target and these $5 dollar kits you can find for almost every season (we bought the Fall and Christmas ones!). They are perfect inexpensive way to stock up each season! I actually had to contain myself from buying all of this stuff!!! And for all of you looking for a way to entertain during snowy/cold/sick days, I always buy crafts/special kits/coloring books and keep in a box and pull them out on the stuck in doors days. Something new is sure to excite and entertain for a whole 20 minutes... lol JK maybe 30...

And my advice for what age to start is that the younger/more often you sit them down to do anything (read, craft and painting included) the more likely they are to get use to it and if they hate it (said no kid ever about eating glitter and ripping paper) then I don't know what to tell you... Ha! But really, just keep trying it. They eventually get use to sitting for longer periods of time and the look on their faces when they give their cards to loved ones is my favorite.

This pic from last year is by far one of my favorites. EVER. BTW Our messy cramped town house is not missed one tiny bit. Well other than the whole living in the city thing...

Hope you are all having a fabulous Saturday with loads of coffee and some sort of cartoon entertaining your little.