{Lash Extensions with Luxe Lash Studio}

I am so flippin excited to share the work of my lovely new friend Ashton. We met last week when she was posting her mobile last extension service on our local mommy Facebook. I immediately reached out because I had been wanting to get them and the thought of having them done at home, during Zoe's nap was like a God send. Winter has my skin looking pale and my mood with all sorts of blues, so I was excited for the pick me up.

I reached out and she was more than thrilled to partner with me! She is moving to the North Andover area (yay!!!) and looking to build her clientele.

First, I will tell you she is really professional, uber flexible (even after I had to push our appointment forward an hour), brings a massage table so you don't have to worry about where she will set you up and ADORABLE, honestly so easy to talk and the hour and a half FLEW by. Even for an anxious annie like me!



Here are some questions I had.

What is it that you are actually doing?

Eyelash extensions are applied individually 1:1 on each of your lashes. Using a medical high grade glue meant for extensions, I am simply dipping one of my silk eyelashes into the glue, isolating one of your own lashes with my tweezers and precisely placing my silk lash onto your own lash. Voila!

Why do I hear horror stories about lashes falling out?

It always saddens me to hear this question being asked but so glad at the same time this hasn't scared anyone away!

Sometimes "lash extensionists" claim they have had all the right specific training and experience when really they haven't, causing problems for the client by putting them on too many lashes at once not isolating or placing the lashes properly and clumping the glue all together which can cause high pain and irritation to anyone.

I have 3 levels of certification and over 5 years experience, I am constantly applying lashing and most of all I LISTEN to what my client is looking for before even starting the process, which pretty much means I bring a lot to the table that should keep you at ease.

Are they hard to care for? AKA will I be able to wash my face? (silly question but seriously!!)

Caring for your lashes is easy when following these steps!

  • Do not get lashes wet for at least 24 hours

  • Use oil-free eye makeup remover

  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach to avoid pressure on the extensions

  • Avoid running water directly on your lashes

  • Do not rub, pick or pull your eyes

  • Only use water based mascara (optional). If applying mascara, do so from middle to tip avoiding the root area.

  • No waterproof makeup remover

  • Do not use a mechanical eyelash curler

What if I don't want to refill them?

That's no problem at all, book an apt with me to have them safely removed at a low cost or simply let them naturally come out.

How long do they last?

Eyelash extensions can last up to 6 weeks when properly cared for. However they are no longer full at 6 weeks. Therefore fill are recommended to keep your lashes full. The extensions will shed with the natural growth cycle of your own lashes. If you choose to get touch-ups in between they will last as long as you continue to fill them in.

For those that aren't in the area, what would you tell them to ask before getting lash extensions?

Be sure to ask how long a lash tech has been doing lashes, if they are certified and if they do all individual lashes.

You want to stay away from anyone stating they aren't certified!

I can't even begin to explain how excited I am. And the fact that the hubby NOTICED something was different when he came home is INSANE. The man barely noticed I got bangs! JK but seriously he never notices anything and noticed that I looked different, refreshed and like I had makeup on. (Believe me when I say that by the time he gets home, this night it was a little before 8, I do not have a lick of makeup on and look nothing close to refreshed...)

I was sad that the lighting wasn't great after she finished so we couldn't get incredible at the moment pics, plus I was barefaced and let's be honest, I DO NOT look great barefaced so I promise to show the lashes in my outfit pics this week.

The next day I felt like all I needed was a little tinted moisterizer when heading out to run errands and mamas we all know that is a win!

I even texted Ashton, the following day to tell her how beyond happy I was with them and how I wanted to share my excitement with you. DRUMROLL PLEASE: I will be sharing a special price for CBM readers this month!!!! $100 for a full set of silk eyelash extensions (usually $160!), so make sure you tell her that I sent you.

Isn't she gorg!?!?! ^^^ Here is a little something from Ashton.

I'm a Canadian gal engaged to a Bostonian. He and I will be making the move from Boston to North Andover next month! Which makes me so happy since I am such a country girl at heart.

I love the feeling of making people feel beautiful and I get to do that by enhancing their beauty with some lashes or perfectly shaped brows. Which is why this business is my true love and I am so excited to continue it here in the states.

So happy to be partnering with Natalie and providing you all with my services!

Have anymore questions, email me or go right to the source and email Ashton and, just makes sure and tell her I sent you! Now let's see when I can get Miss A over here to do something with these brows...



Aiden was loving himself some mama time! lol

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