{Mama Diaries: My Love Language}

Not my most flattering pose, but look at her face!!!

A couple weekend's ago O cleaned the stove top for me. Without being asked. Seriously, BEST GIFT EVER. That is my love language!!! Silly I know but oh so true.

I show love by giving, feeding and taking care of those I love. But as a mama getting help without asking is how I feel THE MOST LOVE. You know the fancy words: I got the baby, go get your hair done. Better yet make the appointment for me + I already did the grocery shopping and I swear I am at your mercy.

Isn't it funny how life changes us? I could never have imagined in my early 20's saying that a clean house (one I didn't have to clean) was the best gift my lover could ever give me.

Don't get me wrong this girl appreciates the designer bag, diamonds and a gorgeous bouquet but a little unsolicited help is really nice to have at this point in my daily life, where my family and home are always before me. And I do not feel one ounce of guilt for that.

What is your love language post bebe? Please share in the comments below!!!



PS I have been getting some emails on post ideas and this makes me sooo happy, so keep'em coming! And I promise to get to them all!